10:30 Registration
11:00 Opening + Invited Talk

  • Fabio Paternò: “End User Development in Emerging Technological Scenarios: Challenges and New Perspectives”

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Paper Session I

  • Jorge Mendes and João Saraiva: “Tabula: A Language to Model Spreadsheet Tables” (paper available here)
  • Daniel Kulesz, Verena Käfer and Stefan Wagner: “How Spreadsheet Users Maintain Unknown Spreadsheets”
  • Paul Mireault: “Implementing GROUP BY Operations as Spreadsheet Formulas” (paper available here)

15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Paper Session II + General discussion

  • Aleksy Schubert, Jacek Sroka and Jerzy Tyszkiewicz: “Systematic Programming in a Spreadsheet”
  • Discussion: “Software Engineering Methods in Spreadsheets – Quo vadis?”
    All workshop participants are warmly invited to state their opinion about the maturity of the research field, to name existing research gaps, and to give ideas where we as a research community are going or should be going.

We will meet at Le Connaisseur  ( at 7 pm.